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Friday, August 26, 2005

Today's Mission News

Just to go over the headlines of today's Progress Times, here's what's happening. If you want more details, be sure to pick up a copy of the newspaper. I only give a brief description. Progress Times give you much more detail and insight into the news around town.

The EPA is still testing for toxic chemicals at the old chemical plant on Holland. People living in the area want the testing to end and to have the government buy them out, which rarely happens. Some people are even protesting the testing.

The county found a use for the tobacco settlement money. They will use it for the Health Services District.

There is news about the Mission Veterans Memorial High School coach who was busted for emailing an undercover agent some pictures of child porn on an AOL chatroom.

Palmhurst is trying to trying to endear itself with the community. Also, they don't have a fire chief and need to borrow Mission's Fire Chief. Mission said no.

http://www.MissionHSReunion.com is not in service, I forgot to update my credit card info back in May and the hosting company pulled the plug. The site should be up next week.

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