Mission, Texas Brain

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Bats in Mission, Texas

The other night while walking at dusk around Oblate Park in Mission, I saw some fluttering up above. I thought perhaps it was a bird. However, as the creature's silhouette passed by a lighter backdrop, I saw that it was a bat.

Since, these aren't Medieval times, I was a little fascinated and amused to see bats fluttering around in circles. Presumably, they are catching insects. With all the rains these past few weeks, the mosquitoes and other bugs are abundant. Of course, that means a feast for bats.

The only other place I have seen bats in Mission is at the Rio Grande Valley Bentsen State Park. During a Creatures of the Night tour, the park Rangers took our group up to a skywalk that oversees the trees. While up there, the Rangers had a device that could make the bat ultrasonic clicks audible to us. The Rangers would also shine a light on the bats for us to see.

Out in the wild, it is not too difficult to imagine that the bats may find somewhere to roost, if that's the proper word. However, within the Mission city limits, I have to wonder where these bats might be staying? It's possible they sleep in somebody's shed or attic. I would hate to be the person who discovers bats in their residence, complete with bat droppings.

Bats are a mixed blessing, one supposes. On the one hand, they help us keep the insect population under control. On the other hand, they aren't exactly the type of creature you want nesting around you.

Be sure to visit Oblate Park or Bentsen Park if you want to see bats fluttering around.