Mission, Texas Brain

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

MissionTexas.net Business Cards

I stopped by PostNet today to order some business cards for http://MissionTexas.net. The idea is to hand them out to people so that they will visit this website for information.

If you have any news or information about Mission, Texas, feel free to send it to news@missiontexas.net. Useful news and information will be posted for the community.

While I was over at PostNet and Quick Wok, I noticed that there is a new business under construction at Stewart Plaza. It will be a Salad Master. The banner at the construction site states that they will have cooking lessons. This is a great idea. I would definitely be interested.

UPDATE: 8/26/05

I went to pick up my business cards, they aren't ready yet. So, I'll go by Monday afternoon. As soon as they come in, I'll start passing them out to people.

If you have any news about town, feel free to email me.