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Saturday, June 11, 2011

How many Whataburgers does Mission, Texas Have

Whataburger is undoubtedly a fixture of the Mission, Texas community. Sitting here having a breakfast on a bun, I find myself wondering how many Whataburgers there are in town.

The answer depends on what you consider to be Mission. In the official city limits, there is this one here on Griffin Parkway and Conway, the one on Business 83 and Mayberry,  and the one on Expressway 83 by the Tinseltown.

If you include Palmhurst as a part of Mission, then there is a Whataburger on 3 Mile and Conway. Palmview also has at last one.

I think we have all wound up at Whataburger late at night, at some point. Great place to hang out to chat. I say this on a Saturday morning as I am surrounded by many boisterous retirees having breakfast.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mission CISD Board Highlights for the meeting of June 7


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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mission, Texas should start developing mobile marketing

The Android Emulator home screen.Image via WikipediaA small city the size of Mission, Texas, while the 4th largest in the Rio Grande Valley, can benefit greatly from an organized mobile marketing campaign. I've been giving the whole idea a lot of thought recently.

What is most exciting is the recent addition of Android phones to the prepaid markets via Boost, Virgin Mobile, Cricket, and others. Even non-Android smartphones benefit from such a campaign. But, what we can expect to see is a larger user base of people who use their phones to get information prior to purchasing.

The smartphone used to be exclusively for tech heads and the affluent; however, with the introduction of these products into affordable rate plans and forms, you will see a democratization of these technologies.

I want to help Mission become the top tech city in the Rio Grande Valley.
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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Danny's Mexican Restaurant: where the locals eat

One of the first things you ask when you visit a small town is where all the locals eat. You can eat fast food anywhere, but you're only in town for a limited time.

Danny's Mexican Restaurant is one of those places where the locals eat. This is not one of those places on the Food Network with exotic dishes. This is where you find food you would eat at home, if you were Mexican like me.

One of my favorite features about this Danny's is their good selection of traditional Mexican music; it compliments the meal nicely.

You can expect a good crowd on Sundays when everybody brings their family after church.
Check it out when you're in town.