Mission, Texas Brain

Friday, May 29, 2015

Hazy Days of Mission, Texas

Driving home one day, I was struck by how hazy the air is on hot and humid days. It gets like this especially with all the rain that we have been getting. It is also pleasing to see everything green.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Beer Variety in Mission

If you are one to shop around for new flavors of beer in Mission, Texas, then there really are only a handful of places to shop. Specifically, you'll hit HEB or Walmart. Convenience stores for the most part stick to the usual big brands, adding the occasional apple ale or, rarer still, an import.

My neighborhood HEB, on Conway Avenue and Business 83 does not offer too much beer variety. Instead they stock plenty of the national brands with a few of the other varieties. The wine section at this store is not too great either.

Your next best bet is the new Neighborhood Walmart that went up on Bryan Road and Business 83. What you may like about that Walmart is that you can create a 6 pack of an assortment of pre-selected beers for a flat price. This is a good deal if you are one to want to taste a variety of beers. The wine selection at the Walmart is much larger than Mission HEB #1.

Mission HEB #2, located on Griffin Parkway and Conway Ave offers a much better beer selection than the previous two stores. You will find the occasional oddball beer at this store, which you should probably snatch up before it is no longer offered. They offer just enough variety to keep you coming back to check for more. Their wine selection is comparable to the Neighborhood Walmart.

Having mentioned wines, the Walmart Supercenters in Palmhurst and Sharyland have about an equal wine selection to the last two stores mentioned. However, they lack the beer variety, stocking mostly national brands in large quantities.

In Mission, Texas, the place you want to go for uncommon beer varieties is the HEB on Shary Road, off the frontage road to Expressway 83. The Sharyland HEB offers a plethora, yes Guapo, a plethora, of beers. You will find all kinds of local, domestic,and imported beers. There is even a section in the cooler for 1 liter bottles of oddball beers from all over the world. Obviously, the beers cost more, so you would drink them for the joy of drinking different beer rather than simply getting plastered. Of course, the wine selection at the Sharyland HEB is not too bad either.

There is another fancy pants-ish HEB in Palmhurst; but, that store serves a completely different market. It's like walking into another world. The beer variety isn't worth the extra drive. I know, 2 miles won't kill you; but, it will waste your time.

None of these stores would obviously replace a well-managed and located liquor store, of which there are a few in town. However, they will make your love of beer and wine affordable and sufficiently varied for a while.

If you need to find something new with the least amount of seeking, then head straight to and the Sharyland HEB or at least the Mission HEB #2. Those are your best bets.


There is now the Whistling Duck bar near Griffin Parkway and Stewart Road where you can find a good variety of beers on tap.