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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Palmhurst is Expanding Its Commerce

I was just reading The Monitor and found out that Palmhurst will be adding more businesses to the town's only commercial zone. Yes, yes, I know. Palmhurst isn't Mission; so, what is news about Palmhurst doing in a Mission website? Well, Palmhurst is stuck between Alton and Mission. Palmhurst phone numbers are Mission exchange numbers. Palmhurst has a Mission ZIP code. Palmhurst kids go to Mission and Sharyland schools. Despite what Sharyland claims, they belong to Mission. Kids on the other side of Palmhurst, in Alton, go to Mission schools. Palmhurst needs Mission's Fire Department in case of emergencies.

It's a matter of time before Palmhurst gets annexed. So, let's just assume that Palmhurst is Mission. Given that, Mission will have a new Radio Shack, a Wendy's (which we really needed), a taqueria (which is already abundant), and a Galaxy Pizza at 3 Mile Rd and Conway Ave. This is exciting news and here is why.

Three years ago, McAllen's northern reaches only went up to 10th St. and Dove. Beyond that were businesses that really did not rely on location. Then, HEB, Home Depot, and Target decided to build on the corner of 10th and Trenton. So, you would drive to Dove, hit a sparsely developed area, and then hit the glorious 10th and Trenton. Now what is happening is that the space in between Trenton and Dove is filling in with plazas and other new businesses.

The same thing is happening with Mission. A couple years ago, town only went as far as Conway and 495. There was some development up to De Alba's bakery, halfway between 495 and 2 Mile Rd; but nothing serious. When Wal-Mart decided to build on the corner of Conway and 3 Mile, it established Mission's version of 10th and Trenton. In the next couple of years, you will see the explosive development of that high-traffic corner and the gradual development of the space between 495 and 3 Mile Rd. Life is looking good in Mission.

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