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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mission HS DECA students qualify for state competitions

The Mission High School (MHS) DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) chapter will have seven students representing them at the DECA State Career Development Conference to be held in Corpus Christi in late February.  The students qualified based upon their performance at the District 1 Career Development Conference held recently in Weslaco.
The students who are advancing to state competition are pictured left to right: Gabriel Trujillo, sports and entertainment marketing series; Vanessa Rodriguez, Zulema Uribe, John Diaz, public relations project; Andy Garcia, accounting applications series; Erik Ramirez, apparel and accessories marketing series; Blanca Maldonado, hotel and lodging management series; Claudia Cavazos, apparel and accessories marketing series; Kristen Borrego, food marketing series.
In addition to their competitions, Andy Garcia plans to run for the office of state reporter, and John Diaz plans to run for state vice president.

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Mission HS choir students qualify for state UIL competitions

Mission High School (MHS) choir students earned 20 superior solo ratings, 8 excellent solo ratings, and the men’s quartet a solo rating at the recent UIL vocal solo and ensemble competition. A total of 13 soloists and the men’s quartet have qualified for the UIL Texas State Solo and Ensemble contest that will be held in Austin, TX in May. The qualifying students all earned a superior rating, performing a class one piece of music;which is considered college level.

The state solo qualifiers are: Claudia Alaniz, Xavier Alonzo, Emara Balderas, Esai Balderas, Frankie Chaires, Paola Colunga, Carolina Gonzalez, Joel Guerrero, Anna Hernandez, Danielle Meza, Oscar Salinas, Samantha Sanchez, Jorge Trevino.
The members of the state qualifying men’s quartet are: Xavier Alonzo, Esai Balderas, Joel Guerrero, Oscar Salinas.

While not advancing to state, many other MHS choir students earned superior or excellent ratings on their class two or class three pieces of music.

Superior ratings were earned by: J.J. Gaitan, Clarissa Gomez, Evelyn Gutierrez, Karolina Vargas, Brianna Cantu, Samantha Esquivel, Victoria Olvera.

Excellent ratings were earned by: Jahaira Cardoza, Maggie Garcia, Yessica Perez, Anna Pollard, Deanna Pollard, Sarah Cantu, Zitlalith Cantu, Kim Reyes.

Pictured are the students who are advancing to the state UIL competition. Front row: Paola Colunga, Carolina Gonzalez, Daniella Meza, Anna Hernandez. On the middle row are: Samantha Sanchez, Xavier Alonzo, Esai Balderas, Claudia Alaniz. On the top row are: Joel Guerrero, Oscar Salinas, Frankie Chaires.

Not pictured are: Emara Balderas and Jorge Trevino.

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Contact: Craig Verley, Director of Public Relations and Marketing 
Office: 956-323-5530 • Mobile: 537-5565 • Fax: 956-323-8103 • cverley@mcisd.org

Veterans Memorial HS student named as All-State Choir member

For the third year in a row, a student from Veterans Memorial High School has earned a spot in a Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) All-State Choir. This year, Cherish Varlack earned that honor after her performance at the last round of auditions.

The four-stage audition process began in September 2012 with several thousand students auditioning across the state. The Final Area G auditions were held earlier this month at Rockport-Fulton High School. Varlack placed fourth chair in the TMEA All-State Mixed Choir. Only the top ten female students and top eight males, per voice section, qualify for the All-State Choir. Varlack will participate in the TMEA All-State Choir clinics and concerts as an alto. The events will be held in San Antonio in mid-February. The concerts are traditionally attended by as many as 3,000 spectators.

Soprano, Kivani Sanchez just missed out on the All-State choir, however she is a first alternate. This means she is on standby to officially qualify for the All-State choir should someone above her not be able to fulfill their obligation.

Tenor, Demetrius Davis also advanced as high as the area finals in Rockport, but did not qualify for the All-State choir.
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Contact: Craig Verley, Director of Public Relations and Marketing 
Office: 956-323-5530 • Mobile: 537-5565 • Fax: 956-323-8103 • cverley@mcisd.org

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Photos from the Texas Citrus Fiesta

You can view photos of the Texas Citrus Fiesta Fun Fest on Facebook.

Photos of the parade can be viewed on SmugMug.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting Rid of Opossums and Raccoons in Mission, Texas

In case you ever get an opossum or raccoon living in your attic or crawl space under the house, you can easily get rid of it humanely in the City of Mission.

Why not live and let live? Opossums don't carry rabies or other diseases that should concern you; but, you will find that these animals, which are nocturnal, make all kinds of loud noises in the wee hours of the morning, enough to wake you and keep you awake. They will also damage insulation and other things around their nest. They will also defecate and urinate, leaving you a nasty surprise should you ever have to crawl into those areas. And, finally, they carry fleas. Those fleas will find their way into your home and onto you.

The City of Mission does have traps available for you to use from their Animal Control department. However, due to demand, you would have to wait nearly 90 days to receive one. In that time, the vermin can cause all kinds of damage in your attic or wherever it is making its home.

Fortunately, you can purchase your own trap to catch it much sooner. There are traps available for around $40 at hardware stores. You may find a cheaper one at the flea market on 4 mile and Conway.

Once you have the trap and are familiar with its operation, you can use a half apple or orange as bait at the far end of the trap, past the pressure plate that closes the trap.

You should place the trap in the place where you think the animal is most likely to enter and exit, this is important. If there are multiple openings, then you should block all of them except where you have the trap. If possible, set the trap right up to the opening, or somehow position it so that the animal must come to it when exiting at night.

Your success will depend on funneling the animal's movements through the opening in the house of your choice. You should also put the trap out after catching one opossum; there is the possibility there is more than one. If you do not catch them all before closing the entrance to your attic or crawl space, they will die, resulting in a dead animal stench. Be sure to trap them all.

Once you successfully trap the opossum, call the city's Animal Control department. They will send an officer over to pick it up. That's it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mission High School BPA students qualify for state competitions

Pictured above are MHS BPS students who have qualified for the state leadership conference and competition. On the front row: Alexandrea Salazar, Ana Pruneda. On the second row: Anna Hernandez, Alondra Garza, Aileen Hernandez, Mariana Vargas, Anna Cazares, Rhaudell Cordova. On the third row are: Luis Hilario, Alicia Carmona, Rocio Rendon, Amanda Saenz. Not pictured are: Javier Cervantes, Jessica Galindo, Adry Salazar, Jovanna Hernandez.

Top students from Mission High School (MHS) will be attending the Business Professionals of America (BPA) 2013 State Leadership Conference in Houston, Texas, in late February. The MHS chapter members will join over 2,500 other conference delegates from across the state to participate in state-level business skill competitions, general sessions, and the state officer candidate campaigns and elections.

The state qualifiers are: Rhaudell Cordova, advanced spreadsheets; Mariana Vargas/Anna Hernandez/Alexandrea Salazar, administrative support team; Alicia Carmona, advanced word processing; Rocio Rendon/Aileen Hernandez/Adry Salazar, broadcast news production; Anna Cazares, database applications; Luis Hilario, fundamental spreadsheets; Anna Hernandez, integrated software; Rhaudell Cordova/Alondra Garza/Jessica Galindo/Amanda Saenz, PowerPoint presentation management team; Javier Cervantes, advanced spreadsheets; Rocio Rendon, database aplications; Ana Pruneda, fundamental accounting; Jovanna Hernandez, computer network technology.

The MHS BPA chapter also has quite a few students on standby as alternates for the state competitions. They are: Karen Cantu/Claudia Cavazos/Javier Cervantes/Alyssa Flores/Wendy Guiterrez/Itzel Lopez/Jennifer Troncoso, parliamentary procedures team; Alondra Garza, advanced interview skills; Claudia Cavazos, basic office procedures; Diana Del Moral, fundamental accounting; Kimberly Muniz, interview skills; Andy Garcia; payroll accounting; Olga Garza/Jessenia Rodriguez/Irma Torres, administrative support team; Jovanna Hernandez, computer network technology; Lidia Contreras, graphic design promotion; Harley Rodriguez/Celeste Vela, global marketing; Karla Aguilar/Anakaren Guerrero, PowerPoint presentation management team; Harley Rodriguez, prepared speech; Jennifer Troncoso, presentation management individual.

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Texas Citrus Fiesta 2013

This weekend is the annual Texas Citrus Fiesta. The celebration reflects our city's agricultural roots in the citrus industry.

Tomorrow at 7 pm, there will be the coronation of King Citrus and Queen Citrianna at the Mission Neuhaus Center, which is located on the Mission High School Campus, at 1802 Cleo Dawson. Admission is $5.

The Texas Citrus Fiesta Parade of Oranges starts Saturday at 3 PM from the 2 Mile Road going South along Conway Avenue. The parade is the biggest attraction; however, there are other events including a Vaquero Cook-off and Fun Fair vendors around the Leo Peña Veterans Park. The parade and other events are free for the public.

The Mission Chamber of Commerce is donating bandwidth for public WiFi during the event.

If you have your mobile device with you and use Google+, you can click here to join the photo stream and add your own photos.  If you do not use Google+, you are welcome to use other social media services such as Twitter and Facebook.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Registration Underway for Mission CISD 2nd Annual Parent Conference

Mission CISD (Consolidated Independent School District) is hosting its 2nd Annual District-Wide Parent Conference on Saturday, February 23, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at R. Cantu Jr. High School. A light lunch will be provided, door prizes given out at the end of the conference, and childcare available for attending parents. Any Mission CISD parent interested should pre-register for the conference by contacting the parent liaison at their child’s school as soon as possible.

Event organizers are planning a wide range of concurrent sessions for parents to attend during the conference. Topics include: graduation plans, STAAR testing, Career Technical Education, bilingual education, migrant services, parent portal, health initiatives and more.

The conference this year is taking on a FIESTA theme, Family Involvement Encourages Students To Achieve. Interested parents are strongly encouraged to pre-register.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Buenas Tardes Luncheon - January 2013

The +The Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce held its quarterly Buenas Tardes Luncheon today at the Club at Cimarron. The luncheon featured guest speaker Alex Meade, CEO of the Mission Economic Development Corporation, and the announcement of the businesses of the month for the most recent quarter.
Alex Meade talks about Ruby Red Ventures

The topic of Mr. Meade's presentation was an overview of what Ruby Red Ventures is, and why they are giving away $100,000 in venture capital this year. He explained what venture capitalists are and how they help entrepreneurs succeed.

The three businesses of the month for the most recent quarter were Waterford Gardens, a local assisted living community; Mission CISD, our local school district; and The Progress Times, our local newspaper.
Waterford Gardens recognized as Business of the Month

Mission CISD recognized as Business of the Month

Progress Times recognized as Business of the Month

In addition, the Chamber held their traditional drawing for +Matt Z. Ruszczak's  Money, which was at $1,600. The winner was not present at the Buenas Tardes Luncheon, so the money rolls into the next luncheon with an additional $50 added in to the prize.