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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Deadlines for Mission High School Class of 1987

Hi All!

Some of you may receive this in triplicate - I apologize in
advance :) I am posting here, Classmates, and emailing direct.

Tentative schedule for the 20th Reunion (I freak every time I type
that...) The only thing set in stone so far are the dates - We are
95% certain that this is the way things will run for the weekend.

Friday Night - October 6th
Homecoming Football game and hangin' out afterwards at Pepe's,
Hotties, or SOMEWHERE..... Can't imagine the football tickets will
be more than 10 bucks.... Steve is in charge of this and we will have
more info soon.

Saturday Night - October 7th
7 - 9 PM BBQ at The Zone
9 - ? Fun and games and catching up at The Zone

Will let you know more on cost a little later but we are trying to
work it so things will be 20 bucks per adult (trying to keep kids
free but we need to put the pencil to things) This money will cover
food, sodas, and a VERY small charge for The Zone. This night is
going to be a BLAST!!!

DEADLINES - Just One :)

SEPTEMBER 22nd - Please let me know your plans ASAP if you can - the
earlier the better! I just need to know what you plan on attending
and how many you'll bring.

If anyone has any questions at all, don't hesitate to email or post!


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