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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

AYP ratings released for Mission CISD

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has released data that includes preliminary ratings that are part of the federal No Child Left Behind laws. According to the TEA’s preliminary data, most Mission CISD (Consolidated Independent School District) campuses met Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) guidelines. Final ratings will not be released by the TEA until December.

The AYP ratings, as they are commonly referred to, are similar to the state’s accountability system in many respects. However, the AYP rating system requires that levels of performance be met by more sub-groups of students than the state system. This can actually result in schools and districts performing well in the state accountability system, but still receiving a status of "Missed AYP" in a particular area, whether it is in the area of performance or participation.

According to the preliminary AYP results, all but two Mission CISD campuses met AYP in all areas. Mission Junior High School missed AYP for Reading performance. K. White Junior High School missed AYP for Math performance. As a district, Mission CISD missed AYP in Reading performance.

"In each case it looks like it was just a small percentage of students in a subgroup that we need to address," said Oscar Rodriguez, superintendent. "The rules used in determining the AYP status are very complex and in some cases unclear. Consequently, we are studying the data provided by the state very carefully. Based upon what we know so far, we plan to file an appeal."

Districts have until September 20 to file an appeal of the preliminary AYP status with the TEA.

"Overall, our schools and students continue to make gains in all their academics," Rodriguez said. "We just need to tweak a few things. I commend the hard work going on by our students and staff. I am convinced that with everyone working together, we will continue the positive momentum that is building in our schools."

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