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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Business Spotlight: Abel Riojas Photography

If you are looking for professional family and commercial photography in Mission, Texas, then be sure to visit Abel Riojas Photography. Abel Riojas had years of commercial photography and video experience before opening up his own studio.

Abel Riojas focuses on quality rather than churning out work in volume. There are plenty of photographers who will do countless glamour shots at discounted rates; but, they do not achieve the same degree of quality and composition that Abel can achieve. There is a big difference between taking technically correct photos and taking fabulous photos. Abel Riojas manages to hit both targets. The result is sharp images that are also emotionally moving.

Emotional impact is precisely why Abel Riojas recommends that professionals should have current head shots. Normally, you would have a head shot if you were a model or actor. However, according to Abel, customers do business with you, not your business. Your image is extremely important, especially if you are going to put it on your website, business card, or other marketing material. He emphasizes that a great head shot can go a long way towards building trust with your customers.

In addition to amazing portraits, Abel Riojas has a growing business in drone photography. Although initially reluctant to branch off from portrait photography, which he does best, his family convinced him to give drones a try. Abel purchased his first drone and taught himself how to operate it.

Soon after, word spread of his new drone photography service. Realtors were the first to jump at the opportunity to hire Abel for site surveys and aerial shots of properties. Prior to Abel's drone, the Realtors would have had to hire a plane and a photographer willing to dangle out the side of an open plane door to take the photo. Hiring Abel to do drone photography is less costly, is faster, and provides a better image of the property being surveyed.

You can visit Abel Riojas Photraphy online at http://www.abelriojas.com (you should definitely visit the site), or in person at 2715 E Griffin Parkway in Mission, Texas. You could call Abel Riojas at 956-624-4042 to inquire more about his services. Be sure to mention MissionTexas.net when he asks how you found out about his work.

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