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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Veterans Memorial HS Students Top in State Math/Science

Veterans Memorial High School students returned from the recent state Texas Math and Science Coaches Association (TMSCA) meet with plenty of awards, including some state champions. The team placed second in the 4A division.

The Calculator Applications team members placed first at this state competition.  The Number Sense team placed second. The Math team placed third. While the Science team placed seventh.

Top placing VMHS 12th grade students in the Calculator Applications competition include: Juan Moreno, second place; Lisa Lozano, third place; Aaron Tijerina, fourth place; Adrian Perez, ninth place; Gabriel Siegel, tenth place; Kivani Sanchez, fourteenth place.

Top placing 12th grade students in the Number Sense competition were: Gabriel Siegel, seventh place; Michelle Guajardo, eighth place; Gavin De Leon, fourteenth place.

Top placing 12 graders in the Math competition were: Adrian Perez, seventh place; Lisa Lozano, ninth place; Gabriel Siegel, fifteenth place.

Michelle Guajardo placed seventh in the 12th grade Science competition.

Matthew Sparks placed first in the 11th grade Calculator Applications competition and fourteenth in the Math competition.

In the 10th grade competitions, Darius Davis placed first in Number Sense, third in Math, ninth in Science, and tenth in Calculator Applications. Henry Davis III placed second in Calculator Applications. Noel Barsenas placed eleventh in Science. Juan Ibarra placed twelfth in Calculator Applications.

Top place finishers among the freshmen were: Hector Iglesias, fifth place, Math; Rene Olivarez, ninth place, Science; Feliciano Escobedo, fourteenth place, Number Sense.

Almost half of the students listed for Top Gun honors include: Lisa Lozano, eighth; Michelle Guajardo, ninth; Gabriel Siegel, tenth; Adrian Perez, eleventh; Juan Moreno, twelfth; Aaron Tijerina, fifteenth. The Top Gun honors ranks competitors against the others in their grade level in all four events.

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