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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mission, Texas should start developing mobile marketing

The Android Emulator home screen.Image via WikipediaA small city the size of Mission, Texas, while the 4th largest in the Rio Grande Valley, can benefit greatly from an organized mobile marketing campaign. I've been giving the whole idea a lot of thought recently.

What is most exciting is the recent addition of Android phones to the prepaid markets via Boost, Virgin Mobile, Cricket, and others. Even non-Android smartphones benefit from such a campaign. But, what we can expect to see is a larger user base of people who use their phones to get information prior to purchasing.

The smartphone used to be exclusively for tech heads and the affluent; however, with the introduction of these products into affordable rate plans and forms, you will see a democratization of these technologies.

I want to help Mission become the top tech city in the Rio Grande Valley.
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