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Sunday, July 15, 2007

La Lomita: South Texas Haunting

Here is a video by Las Milpas Productions about the St. Peter's Novitiate in Mission, Texas. There is sparse information online about the novitiate built by the Oblate priests. We do know that they settled in the La Lomita area around 1877 as a stop between Brownsville and Rio Grande City. For a while, the novitiate was used as a mental health center. There are still priests alive who attended the novitiate when it was still in operation by the Oblates.

The second half is at La Lomita Chapel, not far from the Novitiate, which was the first structure built by the priests. The Chapel is small and open to the public. It stands very close to the Rio Grande river. The chapel is where our city gets its name. Originally, the founders wanted to name it La Lomita, Texas; but, there was already a Lomita, Texas and the U.S. Post office would not take the name. They then settled on naming the town Mission.

As with any old structures, there are always rumors of hauntings. The crew of Las Milpas Production investigates.

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