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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Heavy Rains in Mission

Flooded Movie Parking Lot
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Mission has had heavy rains this week, with more expected. Today's news tells us that we are still under a threat of flash floods. City officials were giving out sandbags to residents just in case any more heavy rains grace us.

A quick drive by the Sharyland Golf Course shows that it is mostly water hazard at this time. There are a few fallen branches here and there, but not as bad as when there have been violent storms.

Crews are busy pumping water out of low-lying areas and into drainage ditches and street gutters to help dry the flooding sooner. Most of the flooding in Mission is due to slow drainage. Yesterday, for instance, Conway Ave. was flooded and effectively closed to through traffic. Given time, the water flows into the county's drainage system.

Generally, city workers and county workers are quick to respond to get standing water moving. This is both good for convenience of residents and good for combatting the spread of mosquitoes.

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