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Monday, May 15, 2006

Last Night's Storms

A heavy thunderstorm rolled through the Rio Grande Valley last night. The storm brought with it strong winds and lightning. Although the storm had rain, it was not a major factor. In Mission, the main fury occurred between midnight and 2 AM. Residents in my neighborhood could be seen outside tying down loose objects and looking attentively for any signs of funnel clouds. Evidence of the fury of the storm was apparent this morning with damage throughout the RGV. At my apartment complex, a section of a cedar fence rested right behind our vehicle this morning blocking the parking lot. A few feet East and it would have hit the car.
In Alton, the Hidalgo County Headstart canceled classes after the storm ripped the north side of the roof off of the building. Sections of the steel roof were strewn in front of the school on the street and in the parking lot adjacent to the Recreation Center. One section of the roof was right at the door of the building. Inside, the classes were all wet from the rain that poured through the rafters. Next door at the Mission Hospital Clinic, their communication antenna was blown over. South of there, on Conway, a Quince tree was split down the middle.
KURV announced damage in other cities that included roof damage and fallen trees. No injuries have been reported.

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