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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Body Shop Show - Girls Night Out

I know this is late notice, but I am having a show on Monday, Feb. 6. The new catalog just came out and has a lot of new stuff in it, plus they have redone some of the product to make it even better. I have been having a wonderful time with the product myself and have almost completed my wish list by hosting shows. If you can't come, take a look at the website or let me know if you want to place an outside order. I would like to turn in all orders and money on the same night if possible. I fyou want to host your own show to earn free product, let me know as well and I will bring a hostess packet to you. There are always great hosetess specials and it is worthwhile to take advantage of them to get your own wish list filled.
If you want something to be here by Valentine's day you need to order it this week, no later than Friday probably. It does take 6-7 business days for orders to get to you, if there are no issues.
If you have any questions you can email me or call me at 534-3457.
Hope to hear from you,

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