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Friday, September 09, 2005

Mission Police Bulletins

Be on the look out for a brown or primer color long oldsmobile type passenger car occupied by two hispanic subjects. One described as 6'00" tall and thin. These subjects are driving around after 10 p.m. and breaking into vehicles and storage rooms.

Vehicle Break-ins
We are currenltly experiencing an increase of burglary/vehicle thefts at the parking lot of Foy's, Wal-mart and both HEB's. Please don't leave anything of value where it can easily be seen through the windows. While in the parking lot of these businesses, look around, and if you see anyone that looks like there up to no good, call us with a description and we'll go and check them outl. The suspects have been seen driving an aqua blue van with handicap license plates. Sometimes the license plates are switched off with Mexican license plates.

Visit http://police.missiontexas.net for more information.

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