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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mayberry Blocked Between Griffin and 2 Mile

Work has begun on Mayberry Road between Griffin Parkway and 2 Mile Rd. This is just south of Veteran's Memorial High School. There is a detour that takes you west through Las Brisas and Francisco (I think). The detour is through a residential area. Work was previously scheduled to expand the bridge that crosses the drainage canal. The construction sign states "Utility Construction Ahead", so it is possible that this is a small project before the expansion begins. I'll find out more.


I received confirmation in the Mission forums about the construction on Mayberry. Here is the message:
The work on Mayberry between 2 Mile and 495 is part of the construction to
improve the bridge and widen the road, too. Construction should be completed
within 12-16 weeks at the most. Thanks

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