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Friday, August 12, 2005

Visit to Mission Historical Museum

Today I went to visit the Mission Historical Museum, which is in the old City Hall. It was amazing to see so much stuff in there. I'm going to visit again when I have more time. It's so awesome to see stuff from Mission's past. There is even a room dedicated to Mission schools, which I plan to use for the Reunion website. There are pictures of the graduating classes going back to the 1950s. I saw Kika de la Garza's Senior picture. I had some extra time and stopped there, but did not take any paper or pen. I'll have to go back to get more information. There is so much to share. If you haven't visited, I recommend you take the kids. It's a small museum, which makes me wonder how the city was able to do business there at all.

I also made a stop at The Luau. The Luau has been in Mission since the 1950s. The new owner was willing to share the information with me, but I did not have a pen or paper. Apparently, the Luau used to be where the Medico Pharmacy was. Then they moved it one corner east. The current Luau is now located in what used to be Preston Milk (I think that's what he said). The structure used to be a freezer. You can still see the foundation of the 2nd Luau incarnation under the parking lot. More information when I have a chance.

Here are links to Mission history:
http://www.missiontexas.us/history.html http://www.missionchamber.com/content/community/history.php

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