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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Safe Sex at Mission High School

Last year, four Mission High School students wrote and shot Toothpaste, a movie about two girls who made different decisions. One decided to use a condom and the other decided to abstain. They used the word toothpaste as a codeword for condom. The condom using girl got pregnant and the other did not. That was the original movie. Once a production company got a hold of it, they changed the story a little.

As stated in the article linked here, the debate goes on about the type of Sex Ed that will be taught in our schools. Regardless of what type of education goes on, it's good that there is a debate and that we have alternatives now rather than the "they're going to do it anyway, so might as well teach them to protect themselves" method.

It's like drugs. Kids are going to do drugs anyway, so we should show them how to load the bong or pipe safely.

First, let's teach "don't do it". Then teach "here's is what could go wrong if you do it". And finally, "if you still are going to do it, then these are the best precautions that will mitigate the risk".

At least you know that your teen will hear both arguments in Mission schools.

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