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Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Border Theatre

Today, my family and I went to The Border Theatre to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We try to go to The Border whenever we have no plans. Sometimes we go to the newer and bigger Tinseltown Cinema if there is a movie that we just can't wait to see, but we prefer taking the kids to The Border. It only has one screen and is not so big. It's just a place to watch a movie.

Sure, The Border has other things going for it. It's a historical landmark, it's inexpensive, and most of us residents went there as kids. Nostalgia is a big part. Here is another practical benefit. If one of the kids needs to go to the bathroom, it's just a couple steps away. At Tinseltown, a trip to the bathroom requires a trip down and around the stairs, down the hall for some variable, usually long, distance. Aftwards, you need to do it in reverse. You can miss a considerable amount of movie on such a potty break.

If you ever move to Mission to live, give The Border a try. It's a nice little place. You basically see all the staff once you walk through the front doors. The before movie crowd doesn't last long. The after movie crowd is quickly dispersed. Best of all, after the movie, you exit right onto Conway Ave, and can choose to go for a walk through town. Pepe's Mexican Restaurant is around the corner. There is a taco restaurant up the street. There is a park in the opposite direction. Before you ask, why would I want to take a walk? If you are on a date, it gives you a chance to talk. If you have family, it gives the kids a chance to run around a little.

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