Thursday, July 28, 2005

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Here is a recent post in my MissionHSReunion website where I express displeasure in the way missiontx, mission-texas, and missiontexas have been used for domains that are totally worthless.

Just out of curiosity, I was looking around for websites related to Mission, TX. Some are bogus sites and others are not what's expected. I'll list them for you and comment. is one of the bogus ones. It only has affiliate links to other sites. Most NOT in Mission. Totally useless. This is under construction. Nothing to offer. You would think that this would be a community oriented site. It's a single issue website run by La Raza UnidaK. This site is dedicated to the quest to prove that the pesticide plant on Holland is the cause for cancer for residents in the area. They also have a blog at". Another worthless affiliate link site that doesn't point to any Mission information. This is our official City of Mission website. By the way, you can join discussions in Mission's own Google Group. Worthless. Worthless. Oddly, it's actually a useful site.

I'll look around for other variations of Mission sites. It just bothers me that there are sites using our town's name and they don't have any real Mission info on them.

I want to put a stop to all of that. Here, you will find quality information about Mission, Texas.
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